About us

Delta Klarierungs GmbH

Delta Klarierung was founded in 1995, by Karl Rosenbaum and Klaus Bielefeld.

The main focus of the two captains was to create a service orientated company offering ships related services within the port of Hamburg, especially vessel clearance.

Due to their long experience at sea and ashore, the yearly volume of cleared vessels was rising constantly, leading to the fact that in 2004 Hendrik Grobe was welcomed onboard of Delta Klarierung.

When Karl Rosenbaum went into retirement (01.05.2008), shortly followed by Captain Klaus Bielefeld (31.12.2010). Mathis Stolle (01.05.2008) signed on and joined the Delta crew.

As of 1st of April 2020 we assumed a strategic cooperation with the Menzell Döhle Group. By this cooperation we will be benefitting from Menzell Döhle’s high quality standards and know-how which will in return further strengthen and improve the level of quality of all our maritime services.

At present we are acting on behalf of various worldwide operating shipping companies and watch out for about 700 vessel calls per year.

The Port of Hamburg is our home!

Background-Image: Jerzy Sawluk / pixelio.de