DELTA Klarierung - This is service all around the ship.

Service 24/7

We are your clearing agency in the port of Hamburg. We offer complete service for your ship and its crew. Whatever you need, we will be there for you - 24/7, 365 days per year!


The Port of Hamburg is our home!


Port clearance

We coordinate your vessel call in the port of Hamburg. We talk to pilots, boatmen and disposal companies and are in steady contact to all kind of authorities and harbour related institutions in order to guarantee a smooth port stay.

Berth planning

Due to our highly developed relationship to the main Terminals, we will be glad to help you organising the best possible berthing window for your vessel call.

Crew change

We will help you arranging your crew change, we will announce your On- and Off-signers to the authorities and immigrations, we assist with eventual Visa and of course we will arrange the direct transport to and from the vessel for you.

Medical treatment

If needed we will specifically liaise with doctors, which are used to maritime background. Medical reports in English language, as well as direct billing will keep your effort as small as possible.

Spare parts

Smaller deliveries we will deliver on board your vessel just as quick as non-bureaucratic. In case your spares exceed a certain dimension, we will be glad to arrange the delivery together with our partners - no matter how big and heavy.


For bigger items or long storage we have Warehousing space available within the port of Hamburg.

Drydock support

We are your first contact for any dry dock period. We will assist on all eventualities and upcoming issues. With our experience and relationships we will sort it out within your interest.


Together with our partners we will supply all kind of provision and/or convenience goods, just as ordered and just in time.

Nautical equipment

If required we can arrange all kind of nautical equipment, like sea charts and or notices to mariners, flag’s etc. also on short term notice.

Transfer services

We give you a ride. We will give our utmost to always do all tours ourselves in order o guarantee our personal service. We take your crew directly to the gangway, we wait at the airport or escort your crew directly into the waiting room.


We are in steady contact to all port related Authorities, such as Hamburg Port, Traffic control, Immigration, Water police or Customs.

Service 24/7

We are here for you – 24/7, 365 days per year.

Benefit from our years of years' experience!
You reach us anytime at our 24 hour hotline:

+49 (0)40 8090 366 30

In cooperation with Menzel Döhle
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